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European Pipe Marking Standards

European Pipe Marking Standards

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Pipes that are visible and containing dangerous substances must be labeled in accordance with the directive 67/548/EEC.

The Directive 67/548/EEC is the directive regarding the regulations for the labeling, classification, and packaging of dangerous substances.

Safety signs must be placed where hazards cannot be avoided or reduced by preventive measures. Labels used on pipes must be visible in the most dangerous points, such as valves and joints and at reasonable intervals. The dimensions of the pipe markers must be proportionate to the labeling surface. Learn more about the proportions and other label requirements from this free pipe marking guide.

Pipe and container labels must have the following information on them:

  • The name of the substance
  • Danger symbols
  • Standard phrases
  • The European Commission number (EC)
  • The EC Inventory includes the substances in the 'European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substance' (EINECS)
  • For substances listed in Annex I, the words EEC label

Pipe Markers must be applied at the following locations:

  • On all pipe systems leading into and away from a manifold system.
  • Within one meter of pipework passing through a wall, bund wall, boundary fence or other barrier, or entering the ground.
  • On all pipework in a loading gantry, adjacent to the main control valve or flow-meter for each pipe.
  • Within one meter of hose connection points.
  • On long runs of pipelines at intervals not exceeding 50 meters where the pipeline is visible along its length, otherwise at 8 metres.
  • On long runs of pipelines that travel from grade up into elevated pipe-racks markers shall be fitted to the individual lines at the point that the lines rise into the rack and then at the point the lines come down from the rack.
  • On the suction and discharge piping adjacent to any pump.
  • At tee connections, valves, and any other point where identification would be required in normal operation.
  • Where pipework enters or exits a tank.
  • At any point where identification is required in an emergency or of a hazard.
BS - 12D45
RAL - 6003
BS - 08C35
RAL - 1007
Light Blue
BS - 20E51
RAL - 5024
Fire Service
BS - 04F53
RAL - 3020
BS - 10A03
RAL - 9007
BS - 06C39
RAL - 8007
Acids & Alkalis
BS - 22C37
RAL - 4005
BS - 06E51
RAL - 2008
Other Fluids
BS - 00E53
RAL - 9005

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