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Medical Pipe Marking

NFPA Standards for Medical Facilities

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Medical Pipe Marking - Labeling materials

The National Fire Prevention Association's (NFPA) Standards for Health Care Facilities standard, also known as NFPA 99, defines medical item labeling requirements for gas systems in medical facilities. To receive acknowledgement and accreditation from the Joint commission, compliance with NFPA 99 is required for a hospital or medical facility from the Joint Commission.

Pipes carrying medical gasses, including medical air, nitrous oxide, oxygen, and other gasses,must be permanently labeled according to the NFPA 99. Labels must display the pipe/medical items content, pressure, direction of flow and any other important information. Test size must be visible and legible; at least 3/8 inches tall and running parallel with the medical item labeled.

Labels must appear: At changes of piping direction, before and after barriers, and on doors to enclosures containing piping, valves, or other medical gas components.

Service Color Background Color
Carbon DioxideWhiteGray
Helium White Brown
Medical Air White Blue
Medical Air Black Yellow
Medical Air 50-55 psi Black Yellow
Medical Vacuum White Blue
Medical Vacuum Black White
Nitrogen White Black
Nitrogen 180-200 psi White Black
Nitrous Oxide White Blue
Nitrous Oxide 50-55 psi White Blue
Oxygen White Green
Oxygen 50-55 psi White Green

You can create your own fully compliant pipe markers using DuraLabel Continuous Vinyl and ribbons with either the DuraLabel PRO 300, DuraLabel 7000, or DuraLabel 9000 printer. This industrial quality supply comes in a wide variety of colors and is resistant to UV rays, moisture, chemicals and scratching.

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