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Pipeline Markers - Identifying Pipelines

pipeline markersUnderground pipelines are required to have their location marked by pipeline markers on the surface. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) in 49 CFR 195.410 and 49 CFR 192.707 requires the following:

There must be pipeline markers at each public road crossing, at each railroad crossing, and in sufficient number along the remainder of each buried line so that its location is accurately known. Each marker must state at least the following on a background of sharply contrasting color:

The word "Warning," "Caution," or "Danger," depending on the hazard level, followed by the name that identifies the contents of the pipeline. All text, except on markers in heavily developed urban areas, must be in letters at least one inch high with an approximate stroke of 1/4 inch. The marker must also include the name of the operator and a telephone number where the operator of the pipeline can be reached at any time.

Pipeline markers must be visible from the ground. If aerial inspections will be conducted, there should be pipeline markers that have identifying information that is visible from the air.

Pipeline markers are normally yellow, black or read in color. The color should be selected to result in the highest level of visibility in the environment in which they will be used. The primary purpose of pipeline markers is to alert anyone who might be working in the area about the existence of the pipeline. More than 60% of pipeline service interruptions are caused by excavation that results in damage to the pipeline.

Similar markers are also used to mark buried cable locations.

The Durability of pipeline markers is critical. Failure due to weather or vandalism can result in construction workers not being aware of the buried pipeline. Making pipeline markers using your DuraLabel printer results in long-term durability. DuraLabel labeling supplies are the only Tough Test labeling supplies. The stand up to the Arizona sun and the Alaskan cold. Call 1-888-326-9244 for more information about DuraLabel printers and supplies.

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