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Top Selling DuraLabel Printers

Quick Rundown of Our Most Popular Products

This page lists our top-selling label and sign printers. Do you need supplies or a printer not listed here? Give us a call at 1-888-326-9244 or send us an email. We're constantly expanding our product line and may have exactly what you're looking for. We even carry supplies for discontinued machines!

DuraLabel TORO

The Ultimate Labeling System For Any Project, Anywhere

  • Min Label Width: 0.5"
  • Max Label Width: 4.00"

DuraLabel Toro is a portable integrated labeling printer that can adapt to any work environment. It has an adjustable Toro touch screen, an advanced ergonomic keyboard, doesn't require network connectivity or IT support, and so many more amazing features.

Information about the full range of DuraLabel Supplies is available on the DuraLabel web site.

DuraLabel PRO 300

Our Best-Selling Printer!

  • Min Label Width: 0.125"
  • Max Label Width: 4.00"

A high-speed, versatile label and sign printer with a wider range of supplies available than any other printer, including specialty supplies such as oily surface and photo luminescent supply. Makes permanent, self-adhesive vinyl labels.

DuraLabel 9000

Need big labels?

  • Min Label Width: 4.00"
  • Max Label Width: 9.00"

The DuraLabel 9000 is a heavy-duty, thermal transfer, sign printer that also makes jumbo-sized labels for serious industrial applications. It prints on industrial-grade vinyl, as well as other materials, up to 9" in width, which makes for extremely high visibility for your labels, pipe markers and signs.

DuraLabel 4000

Medium Volume Custom Label Printer

  • Min Label Width: 1.00"
  • Max Label Width: 4.00"

DuraLabel 4000 was a medium volume thermal transfer label and sign printer that can handle almost any industrial labeling and sign-making it encounters. From small, shrink tube wire labels and bar codes to large, OSHA safety signs and reflective parking signs.

*No Longer Available.*

DuraLabel 2000 PLUS

More handheld for the money

  • Min Label Width: 0.50"
  • Max Label Width: 2.00"

This durable, portable thermal transfer printer produces superior quality labeling even under the harshest of conditions. Labels printed with the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer are resistant to fading in sunlight and can endure cold, moisture, abrasion, as well as many chemicals. Whether you need long lasting pipe markers or weather resistant OSHA safety labels, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS can deliver the label you need with the quality you expect.

Kroy K5100

Get the latest from Kroy

  • Min Label Width: 0.25"
  • Max Label Width: 1.00"

Light weight portability and durable labels make this rugged and dependable labeler the machine you can conveniently carry any place labeling needs to be done. Ideal for wire and cable labeling, as well as for making general purpose labels.

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